-Quality Control-

Quality is the first life of an enterprise

ACE pursues "quality is the first life of an enterprise"。

Quality control runs through the whole process from material purchase to product sale.


Customer special requirements management

Although the drawings have defined most of the customer's requirements, different customers still have additional preferences for the processing of mold parts due to the convenience of mold debugging / use.

Raw material management

  • In the process of incoming material control, material guarantee is indispensable.
  • Heat treatment can only be carried out by the raw material factory.
  • Hardness control:
    • a.Heat treatment report with hardness value must be provided;
    • b.The hardness of each batch of heat-treated materials must be inspected and the records must be kept

Process management

  • Experienced engineers arrange the processing process according to the specific requirements of each drawing.
  • Only after the processing supervisor has reviewed the processing process, the part can be processed. The processing supervisor will assign the workpieces with different difficulties to each skilled worker according to their technical level and strength.

Step by step inspection and continuous improvement

  • After the completion of each process, the processor must self check and complete the report.
  • Before the workpiece flows into the next process, QC personnel will carry out sampling inspection on the workpiece that has been self inspected by the processor.
  • The final full dimension inspection is performed by FQC before delivery
  • Regularly summarize and review the effectiveness of production efficiency and quality improvement
  • Through documentation, timely and comprehensive implementation of new customer requirements
  • Regular training and improvement of processing technology and control methods
  • Implement fully consistent quality standards through thorough sharing and cross training.